3 Tips to Help You Attract a Woman and Make Her Want to Date You

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It’s not always easy to be a single guy in this world. Sometimes it seems like the whole dating thing is stacked up against you and all you can do is try and make the best of it. For a lot of guys, the desire to get a girlfriend is pretty strong, but it just never seems to pan out the way that they want it to. If this is what it feels like to you, there is some hope.

To get a girlfriend, you have to know how to both attract a woman and make her want to date you. A lot of guys will be able to get that initial sparks of attraction going with a woman, only to end up drifting somewhere into “undateable” territory with a woman.

Here are 3 tips that will help you to attract a woman, and make her want to date you:

1. To attract a woman, you have to come off like you are the alpha male of whatever place you are in.

Does this mean that you have to be a total jerk and act like you are God’s gift to women? No, it just means that you have to walk with confidence, no matter where it is that you are. When a woman sees that a guy has complete confidence in himself in almost any situation there is, that automatically gets her attention and makes her feel at least a little bit of attraction, which is all you need to build on.

2. If you want to get a girlfriend, then you need to know how to talk to a woman.

Most guys blow this part of the deal. They don’t know how to talk to a woman in a way that keeps her interest and builds her attraction for them. You have to be careful that you don’t talk too much, while at the same time not coming off like you don’t know how to have a conversation at all. If you want to talk to women and make them feel like they want you, you have to be able to touch on her emotions.

3. To make a woman want to date you, you need to make her feel sexual attraction.

Point blank, if there is no sexual attraction at all with a woman, you are not going to end up dating her and even if you do, it’s not going to be one of those heated romances with lots of lust and passion. She has to feel sexually attracted to you, and you have to know how to make her feel that way. If you don’t, then you might as well get used to her calling you a “friend.”

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